Announcement of domestic selected artists/collectives for Open Call for “Social Dive Projects” !

Tokyo Biennale 2020 announces its Domestic artists/collectives for Open Call for artists “Social Dive Projects” !

“Social Dive” involves artists diving into the different areas of Tokyo as part of an art project aimed at discovering both the unique traditions, as well as new values held by the people who live there.

Open call process for “Social Dive” in Japan started in July 2019, the candidates presented their proposals at Tokyo Biennale 2020 Pre-event, the final selection took place in November 20 artists/collectives are selected to participate in Tokyo Biennale 2020.

The selected artists are as below: (Alphabetical order)

2.5 architects (Fumika Morito + Shingei Katsu)
〈Aoumi 3cho-me : Land Portrait〉

〈SENTO-DASHI 2020 Tour with Public Bathmobile〉

Camera Yamanaka
〈Tokyo Big BonDance Party〉

Fumiharu Sato + Hiroko Haraguchi
〈Remembering All〉

〈Landmark Art Girl〉

Kae Fujiwara
〈GO extremely hard dungeon TOKYO : while eldest son in stroller and holding baby son.〉

Kaori Endo

Masaharu Futoyu
〈The Monument for The Bright Future TOKYO/2020〉

Miki Momma
〈Consecration of 1000 years votive picture of horse(provisional)〉

〈Kase-truck School Project〉

〈Exploreing the city with your music preference; taking away borders between art and daily life〉

Sanae Takahata & Creative Kids Club Ningyocho
〈MARGINAL: Hear Our Voice〉

〈Tokyo Tracing House〉

Shingo Suzuki
〈Sweet Democracy〉

Studio Battery
〈Borders in Bunkyo〉

Taku Hisamura
〈“Reparing” Tokyo 〉

Tokimeki Transport
〈Tokimeki Transport Office〉

〈Rooftop Opening〉

Uguisudani Belle Époque
〈Uguisudani Belle Époque Project〉

〈≪Tokyo Big Yatai≫ by Yaei &≪Listening to Tokyo≫ by Gender Yoshinaga : Rediscovery things and sounds〉

20 artists/collectives develop their projects through the form of community art, social engaged art, social sculpture, relational art. Each project focus on the history, diversity and new values of Tokyo.