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Kaori Endo

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“Ginza” is considered a symbol (?) that is Tokyo-like. Touring the places with “Ginza” in their name across the 47 prefectures, the 47 objects found there will be shown in 47 Ginza galleries.

I will tour the 47 prefectures because I’ve never done so.
I will check places across localities with Ginza in their name, and talk with friends and strangers there.
Kinza (gold place), Ginza (silver place), Doza (bronze place), Torch Runner.
For some reason people run, compete, and set records.
Will there ever be a 1 second world record for the 100 meter race? Perhaps.
I don’t have plans to buy tickets or see it on TV, so I probably won’t ever be watching the Olympics, but after a 1 second record, will they try for 0 seconds?
This is a record of a trip looking back on 100 years of Japanese modernization, which will then consider its next 100 years.
(Kaori Endo)

(As of March 2020)

1: “Thanks, Jim Thompson” 2018, White Line(Bangkok, Thailand)
2: “Ginza” image of exhibition installation, 2020, CG by Issei Yamagata
3: “13th shiseido art egg ‘Gravity and Rainbow'” art egg award, 2019, Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo)


Kaori Endo (Artisan, Artist)

Born in Osaka in 1989, Kaori Endo currently lives in Hanoi, Vietnam. She graduated with a BA in Weaving from the Department of Design and Crafts, Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts. Graduated from Ars Shimura, supervised by Shimura Fukumi (designated an important intangible cultural asset holder for “tsumugi-ori”, a type of silk fabric, in Kyoto).

Involving an ongoing process of collecting, restoring, and using old cloth from all over the world, she is expanding her practice while primarily focused on the relationship between craft and society. Currently, she is working on “Musa balbisiana”, a joint project with Okinawan “bashōfu” (cloth made using fiber from Japanese banana) weaver, Yasuhiro Fukushima that aims to fulfill his 30-year dream. By searching for the roots of musa balbisiana (banana) in respective regions of Okinawa, the Vietnamese border, and remote islands of Taiwan, the project aims to encourage reflection on the life of Yasuhiro, inhabitants of respective countries and human life in general.

Major exhibitions include “The Beginning of Life/Art: Cloth Weaves Our Times, from Aomori” (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, 2020), “Open Site 2019-2020/ Expose the bush” (Tokyo Arts and Space, 2020), “Shiseido art egg 13” (Shiseido gallery, Tokyo, 2019), “VOCA Exhibition 2019 Prospects of Contemporary Art” (Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 2019), “Chronicle, Chronicle!” (Creative Center Osaka, 2016-17), and “About a Ghost by” (Aikoko gallery, Tokyo, 2015).

Art Project