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Landmark Art Girl


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I always felt that with Tokyo’s constant redeveloping, there should be far more two-dimensional public art beyond advertisements and signs. I wish to propose a two-dimensional public artwork that will function as a landmark to an area, even after the event period has ended. In public space, I will create a piece that takes a young girl as its motif, which will become the symbol of that area.

(As of March 2020)

1: “SoyLatte POP Girl” Kanno Bldg. permanent mural, 2018, Gotanda, Shinagawa City
2: “Perspective-Girl” mt factory tour vol.8 masking tape mural, 2019, Okayama Prefecture, KAMOI KAKOSHI Co.,LTD
3: “Landmark Art Girl” photo of rough image, 2020, Ogawamachi, Chiyoda City


Hogalee (Artist)

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2001, Hogalee completed an MA in Design at Tokyo University of the Arts. Adopting the motif of women, which act as a mirror reflecting the contemporary age, he continues to create “onnanoko” (Girls) symbolized in manga line drawings. His activities include making canvas paintings that reference contemporary art contexts, and murals that transcend the notion of canvas as support. In addition to using acrylic paint, he is also developing works based on the concept of “restoring to an original state,” where murals made with masking tape are peeled away to return the space to its original condition. Solo exhibitions include “Masking/Fixing” (Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO, 2019), “mt factory tour vol.8” (Kamoi Kakoshi, 2019), “Sekai Wo Utsusu” (Fujisawa City Art Space, 2017), Trans Arts Tokyo (Kanda, 2017), Solo Exhibition “Restitution” (Ikejiri Institute of Design, 2014), and “No Man’s Land” (former French Embassy, 2009).

Art Project