Art Project

Landmark Art Girl

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I always felt that with Tokyo’s constant redeveloping, there should be far more two-dimensional public art beyond advertisements and signs. I wish to propose a two-dimensional public artwork that will function as a landmark to an area, even after the event period has ended. In public space, I will create a piece that takes a young girl as its motif, which will become the symbol of that area.

(As of March 2020)

1: “SoyLatte POP Girl” Kanno Bldg. permanent mural, 2018, Gotanda, Shinagawa City
2: “Perspective-Girl” mt factory tour vol.8 masking tape mural, 2019, Okayama Prefecture, KAMOI KAKOSHI Co.,LTD
3: “Landmark Art Girl” photo of rough image, 2020, Ogawamachi, Chiyoda City

Art Project