D07Art Project

Pictures and Eyes


2021.07.10(Sat) - 09.05(Sun)
All day open
Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA market

After seeing the same image in various locations, in various sizes, and various mediums, opportunities will be created for the viewer to ask, “What exactly did I see?” The Japanese proverb, “The ghost, when examined closely, is withered silver grass” and the haiku by Natsume Soseki, “A little violet, I wish I were born like you”, etc. It is not always true that things are clearly seen when large in size, nor are things necessarily overlooked because they are small. We must always be wary of encountering something, somewhere, at any time.

This project will involve the three-painting configuration “Pictures and Eyes” exhibited in two different ways: enlarged and assembled on a single wall, and as a display of three framed paintings in various locations. The former corresponds to the wall of a building in Yurakucho, while the latter corresponds to an exhibition of framed originals. Through viewing the works, you may gain a repeated sense of familiarity, mistaken appearance, or overlooking what is there. While experiencing vision, memory, and the separation and realignment of forms in the city, the question of what constitutes the “original” will simultaneously emerge.

1: “The Beautiful Nature” 2019
2: “untitled” 2016
3: “Still life” 2019

photography by MIYAJIMA Kei
©︎O JUN / Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery

About the artist

O JUN (Painter)

Born in Tokyo in 1956. Painter. He depicts daily life in oil, watercolor, crayon and other materials. He also performs in live drawing events that involve the use of tin and lead cast pencils. Recent exhibitions include “O JUN — KAKUCO” (Fuchu Art Museum, 2013), “MANMANCHAN AN” (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, 2016), “A dove flying away, I am surprised” (Mizuma Art Gallery, 2016), and “SEMEGU O JUN×TANADA Koji” (Itami City Museum of Art, 2017). He was professor at Tokyo University of the Arts from 2010 to 2021.

Photo by Shinya Kigure




1F Yurakucho Building 1-10-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo


・2 minutes walk from “Yurakucho” Station Central West Exit on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Yamanote Line.
・2 minutes walk from “Hibiya” Station Exit B1 on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
・2 minutes walk from “Yurakucho” Station Exit D1 on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.