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Projects to Foster International Critical Spaces

With Tokyo as its base, the “Projects to Foster International Critical Spaces Between Society & Art [RELATIONS]” aim at creating an innovative space for criticism in development of social and artistic culture. In order to achieve this, the practical projects involving criticism and the media will be made to search out what the culture of art can do for society, how to build its relationships to other fields, and how to evolve its future. By people thinking beyond boundaries who connect the culture of art to other fields, including the city, economics, mobility, environment, ethics, history, lifestyle, community, medical care, welfare, science and technology, talks and discussions will take place from multiple dimensions and perspectives, in search of all kinds of possibilities. In turn, this will seek out critical spaces for fresh thinking that push society and the culture of art further.

Contents (tentative)

[RELATIONS] holds the below two as its main pillars of activity
・ Web journal – a constant space for criticism involving varied, pluralistic perspectives
・ Symposium – a general space for focus on discussion between gathered experts

(1) Web Journal

A special volume updated once every two months. Reviews will be continuously updated. Summaries of a number of articles and special issues will be made bilingual and available to overseas readers.
<Themes (tentative)>
Preparatory Volume: Art and the City
Volume 1: Art and Logistics/Transportation
Volume 2: Art and Medical Care
Volume 3: Art and Finance
Volume 4: Art and Environmental Issues
Volume 5: Art and Sports

(2) Symposium「RELATIONS meeting」

In conjunction with the web journal, public symposiums will be held relating to the particular volume. Up to four symposiums are scheduled to be held until the closing of Tokyo Biennale 2020.

(As of March 2020)

Project Director

Yoshitaka Mouri (Sociologist, Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts)

Born 1963 in Nagasaki. Mouri is a professor at Tokyo Univesity of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts. After graduating from Kyoto University, he worked for an advertisement company, and then earned a Ph.D. at Goldsmiths, University of London. His critical practice takes on themes involving contemporary culture and the organization of urban space, as well as social movements, with particular interest in contemporary art, music, and media. Written works include “Sutoriito no shiso” (translation: “Ideas behind street”) (NHK Publishing, Inc.), “Culture = Politics – New Cultural-Political Movements in the Age of Globalization” (Getsuyosha Limited), and “Popular Music and Capitalism” (Serica Syobo, Inc.). He also served as editor for
“After Musicking” (Geidai Press).

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