Art Project

Swimming pool Tokyo

Kanako Hayashi

I am currently conducting research at swimming pools in Berlin, Germany. Since there are 63 public pools in Berlin, I titled this project, “The 63 Swimming Pools Project”, and have continued working on it independently. “Swimming pool Tokyo” is a pool small enough to fit just 1 person. It is not a large pool where many people can swim and move about freely at once. In the past, public pools were open to everybody and functioned as a place for them to gather and be social. We were all equals in the water and, without losing our sense of self, could become part of a whole. Water adapts to all shapes and forms. My own form – while sensing its physical boundaries, it is somehow sharing these boundaries with another. The boundaries between the part and the whole are blurred, and there is the sensation that you and I are connected by water.

Currently, our society poses limitations on our contact with others and social situations. The space of “Swimming pool tokyo” searches for this sense of distance that envelops us, where an imaginary swimming pool floats to our minds.
(Kanako Hayashi)

(As of March 2020)

1: Swimming Pool Tokyo – Plan Sketch for Tokyo Biennale 2020, Tokyo, Japan
2: Water Dance, 2014, New York, USA
3: Water Negotiation, 2017, Berlin, Germany, Photo: Wolfgang Bellwinkel


Kanako Hayashi (Visual Artist)

Born 1981 in Osaka, Japan. Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Kanako Hayashi received her Master of Fine Arts from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013. Hayashi gathers historical traces and fragments of memory in urban space by intervening directly with architecture and space through actions and setups in an attempt to render visible the invisible. Her intermedia work can be located between performance, video, drawing and sculpture. It is heavily influenced by the intense experiences in competitive and synchronized swimming during her youth. The interplay between buoyancy and gravity, as well as the particular architectonic features of swimming pools flow permanently into her work.
Her latest activities include “Water Negotiation” at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (2017), “50 Jahre Künsthalle Bielefeld” at Künsthalle Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany (2018), “Mythology Upon the Table” Director – Baboo Liao at National Theatre & Concert Hall, Experimental Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan (2019).

Art Project