Art Project

McDonald’s Radio University

Akira Takayama


“McDonald’s Radio University” is an art project that turns the city’s McDonald’s restaurants into universities. The “Professors” are immigrants or refugees who have left their home country for particular reasons. On the other hand, “Students” are those coming in to listen to the lectures of “Professors” while enjoying hamburgers and Coca-Cola.

(As of March 2020)
*Please note that the contents of this project are subject to change.

1: “McDonald’s Radio University” 2017, Frankfurt, photo by Masahiro Hasunuma
2: McDonald’s Radio University” 2017, Frankfurt, photo by Masahiro Hasunuma
3: “McDonald’s Radio University” photo by Port B


Akira Takayama (Theatre Director, Artist)

Born 1969 in Saitama City. Takayama serves as theatre director and directs theater unit PortB. Going beyond existing forms of theater with installations, tours, performances, and social experiment projects using the city, his activities held across the globe intervene with the urban environment and society. In recent years, he has expanded his practice towards collaborating with other fields such as art, literature, tourism, architecture, and urban research. Takayama attempts to cultivate the potential in combining theatrical ideas with a variety of genres.


To Be Announced