Art Project

Beautiful Japan / a playground for careless people

Gabin Ito

Interactive Magazine “Modernfart” vol. 2. Using his experience as an editor, Gabin Ito builds an “interactive” magazine together with a variety of creators. For this exhibition, it will be published in the form of a “public space”, bearing the theme of “Beautiful Japan / a playground for careless people”. Ito refers to the bathing culture of Edo and finds the image of “Beautiful Japan” – thought to be made up of hardworking, time-efficient people – to be another form of rhetoric left from the Meiji to Pre-War eras. With this question in mind, the actual people of “Beautiful Japan” will be presented through Modernfart’s perspective. The “playground for careless people” will feature food designer Haruna Nakayama’s reconstruction of the true townsman’s Edo life with a contemporary version of food stalls. In addition, there will be a “Water play apparatus” inspired by the Thai water festival and all types of water play. Let’s all get soaked and slopilly step over the framework of our daily lives.

(As of March 2020)

1: “Beautiful Japan / a playground for careless people” 2019, HOW TOKYO BIENNALE exhibition
2: “Self Portrait 1972-82” 1992, “Anomaly” exhibition (curated by Noi Sawaragi) / Roentgen Art Research Center
3: “Modern Fart: Inaugural Issue Art and Immersion; or, and Inordinate Obsession with Projection Mapping” 2019, Aichi Triennale, Photo by Takehiro Goto


Gabin Ito (Editor)

Born in 1963. While in university, started working for the editing department of the computer hobby magazine “LOGiN” (ASCII), then went on to found BOCTOK.Inc in 1993. Continues to be active in writing/editing books, game development, producing art exhibitions, and engaging with all types of artists. Currently serves as editor in chief of frontline film information site “NEWREEL”. Holds a position as short-term professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design.

Art Project