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Naohiro Ukawa



DOMMUNE started broadcasting in March 2010. It has had up to 10,000 simultaneous listeners per broadcast, more than 50 million total listeners during talks and live DJ-ing, and continues to share its shows globally as Japan’s first net streaming station. Representative Naohiro Ukawa does everything from photo and video shooting, streaming, and recording as an art form within the context of his own practice of “current art”. In its 10 years of streaming, it has streamed more than 5,000 programs, approx. 10,000 hours, and 200 terabytes. In today’s world where the format of “broadcasting”, “publishing”, and “publicity” are being broken down, DOMMUNE continues to bring forth new revolutionary methods and opens the possibilities of visual communication. The station has participated in numerous international contmporary art exhibitions, in places like London, Dortmund, Stockholm, Paris, Mumbai, Linz, Fukushima, Yamaguchi, Osaka, Kagawa, Kanazawa, Akita, Sapporo, building a satellite studio across the world. This represents both uneven distribution (here, now) and the omnipresent (wherever, whenever) that DOMMUNE continues to explore. For the Tokyo Biennale, the station will develop an interview project titled “THE 100 JAPANESE COMTEMPORARY ARTISTS” in its 7th season.


Naohiro Ukawa (Current Visual Artist, Filmmaker)

Born 1968 in Kagawa Prefecture, Naohiro Ukawa is a filmmaker, graphic designer, VJ, writer, former professor (17 years between 2002-2019) at Kyoto University of the Arts Department of Information Design, self titled “current visual artist”, working across a wide range of activities in all directions. Breaking down preconceptions of fine art and the structure of popular culture, he calls himself a “MEDIA THERAPIST” as he expresses himself with complete freedom in today’s Japanese society. DOMMUNE – the live streaming studio and channel he decided to build suddnely on his own – received record making viewer numbers with its opening, becoming a sensation within Japan and across the world. The station was moved to the 9th floor of Shibuya’s PARCO department store. Having evolved into “SUPER DOMMUNE”, he is planning an “UPDATE” that looks toward the future together with the frontline technology beyond 5G! Ukawa also served as a judge for the 2013-2015 JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL , as well as the 2015 ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL (Linz, Austria).