Art Project

Giants and Littles

Yoshiaki Kuribara

Kuribara is an artist who actively pursues expressive activities in all types of methods without limiting himself to the framework of sculpture or painting. For the Tokyo Biennale, his project “Giants and Littles” will present an enormous cooling sculpture as “Giant”, with the small people gathered below it as “Littles”. Considering Tokyo’s overwhelming summer heat, a giant human shaped structure will be placed to function as a space for people to cool down under it, as well as for holding workshops and events. To explain how the sculpture keeps people cool, it is made out of absorbent material that can cool the temperature through heat generated by vaporization. I get a feeling this will become a space for many people to take a rest.

(As of March 2020)

1: “Giant” image of completion
2: “Big AKITA” 2014-2020, Odate City, Akita Prefecture, photo by Tokumasa Matsubuchi
3: “Companion” video, 2007-2019


Yoshiaki Kuribara (Artist)

Born 1980 in Gunma Prefecture. With the belief that an artist should embody freedom, I continue to create ambitiously in sculpture and painting, installation, video, performance, film, workshop and and any other medium, without limiting myself to a specific style or expression.

Art Project