B02Art Project

SAVE EDO / Poetic “Stop”

Susumu Namikawa

2021.07.10(Sat) - 09.05(Sun)
Open all day

■There are 2 works


During the above period, you can see it at the following locations
Viewing locations:
3331 Arts Chiyoda (Chiyoda Ward), Jisshi Square (Chuo Ward), Ueno Park (Taito Ward), Taito Municipal Yanaka Elementary School (Taito Ward), The University of Tokyo (Bunkyo Ward), Rikugien Gardens (Bunkyo Ward), Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens (Bunkyo Ward), Koishikawa Botanical Garden (Bunkyo Ward), Kudan Elementary School (Chiyoda Ward), Akatsuki Park (Chuo Ward)

2: Poetic “Stop”
Open all day
This is an AR work that appears when you hold it up to “stop” signs all over Japan.Please stand in front of the “Stop” sign as much as possible to appreciate it.

In this project, AR works will be announced under the two themes of “SAVE EDO” and “Potic Stop”.

The Edo firefighters, called “Edo-Machi-bikeshi”, are a symbol of Tokyo’s fight against disasters. In this project, AR will be used to create new “Edo-Machi-bikeshi” who will guide people to the location of evacuation sites and shelters designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Continuing the sentiments of our predecessors who protected the lives of Edo citizens, this project will heighten awareness of evacuation sites and shelters that are not usually recognized in the city, while serving to confirm their location. The project also aims to contribute to such disaster prevention activities.

Cooperation: Chikashi Okada (“Nishiki-e” artist specializing in Edo-machi-bikeshi)

Poetic “Stop”
The “Stop” sign exists everywhere in the city. It may well be the most common form of command we see.
However, we are rarely conscious of “stop” as a word. (That is why no one is offended by the abruptness of this command).
Through the use of AR, a poetic quality is given to the “Stop” sign, which exists only as a symbol lacking any emotional resonance due to its ubiquity and conventionality. In so doing, how will the familiar landscape of the city be transformed? That is the aim of this project.
The project incorporates all “Stop” signs in Japan, including Tokyo. Please point your smartphone at the “Stop” signs you usually see to experience this work.

(As of June 2021)

1: “SAVE EDO AR Image” 2021, produced by Susumu Namikawa
2: “SAVE EDO AR Image” 2021, produced by Susumu Namikawa
3: “Poetic Stop AR Image Diagram” 2021, produced by Susumu Namagawa
4: “Poetic Stop AR Image Diagram” 2021, produced by Susumu Namagawa


Susumu Namikawa (Copywriter, poet, programmer)

Born in 1973. In addition to working as executive creative director at Dentsu Digital Inc. and as a copywriter, he continues to create works that combine poetry and programming. Video works include “Industrial Waste Treatment Plant Rock” and “Poolside Life”. Exhibitions include the poetry exhibitions “little stones in panic forest” at Gallery Sanyodo and “I A and I B” at Impact HUB Tokyo, in which he collaborated with artificial intelligence. He is the author of “Happy Birthday 3.11” (Asuka Shinsha) and many other publications.

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