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Kaekko Expo

Hiroshi Fuji

The “Kaekko” project creates the exchange of unused toys between families, serving as a space for communication in each neighborhood. Beginning with Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in 2000, Kaekko has been held to this day in countless locations including art museums and public spaces. For the Tokyo Biennale, with the title “Kaekko Expo”, artist Hiroshi Fuji will welcome the 20th year of the Kaekko program with a space to look back on its activities.

Furthermore, for the “Kaekko Fair”, Kaekko organizers from across the nation, schools, businesses, and organizations in participating regions will be called upon to each exhibit a workshop program. The fair will serve as a play space for children throughout the exhibition period.

In “Toy Paradise”, toys gathered by the Kaekko office that are dirty, broken, or not popular will be made into new artworks by emerging artists, and then displayed to the public.

(As of March 2020)


Hiroshi Fuji (Artist)

Fuji completed his graduate courses at Kyoto City University of Arts. To date, he has worked as lecturer at Papua New Guinea National Art School, held positions in a city planning office and the “Hiroshi Fuji Office of Planning & Production”, and served as the director of Towada Art Center. He creates art projects that go beyond genres, such as the toy exchange system “Kaekko” using unused toys from households, and “Let’s Make Hachijiro Fujishima” which involves making up an imaginary key person. Fuji has participated in various art projects across Japan and overseas.

Art Project