K08Art Project

Kyutai, Number Nine “OPPORTUNITIES”

Fumio Tachibana

2021.08.01(Sun) - 09.05(Sun)
11:00-18:00/Closed Mon, Tue

From 7/10 (Sat) to 7/31 (Sat), the artist will be in residence at the venue. You can observe the work from outside the glass door.

Fumio Tachibana has been creating artworks based on books and writing, letters and characters, paper, and more. Born into a household that ran a book binding business, Tachibana is well-known for producing works using old paper and printed materials. Along with his activities as an artist within Japan an overseas, he himself became the publisher for a visual magazine, “Kyutai”, which focuses on design. This irregularly released publication has gathered positive reveiws.

For the Tokyo Biennale, Tachibana will bring a letterpress printing machine under the elevated tracks of the Sobu Line between Ochanomizu Station and Akihabara Station to produce the latest issue of “Kyutai, Number Nine” on site. At a remove from the hustle and bustle of Electric Town, the sound of the letterpress will echo in the abandoned space, while the paper sheets printed with ink will gradually give shape to the latest vision of “Kyutai,” which Tachibana has been pursuing since 2007. It is a project that will develop together with the exhibition.

(As of June 2021)

1: Kyutai, Number Nine “OPPORTUNITIES” 2021
2: Kyutai, Number Nine “OPPORTUNITIES” 2021
3: Kyutai, Number Nine “OPPORTUNITIES” 2021


Fumio Tachibana (Artist)

Born 1968 in Hiroshima. Tachibana has worked with letter, paper, and books as materials and themes to his works, and in 1995 he presented his solo exhibition “MADE IN U.S.A.” at SAGACHO EXHIBIT SPACE (Tokyo), from where he went on to show “Design/Fumio Tachibana” at ginza graphic gallery (Tokyo) and other exhibitions across Japan and overseas. In 2007, he founded the magazine “Kyutai” (translation: “Sphere”), which he edits and designs independently. Currently, the magazine has been published up to volume 8. He has produced numerous artist books including “Clara yosai kenkyusho” (translation: “Clara Dressmaking Lab”) (2000), “Katakoto” (translation: “Broken Language”)(2014), and “shape of my shadow” (2018). Written works include “Katachi no Mikata” (Seibundo-shinkosha), in addition to catalogs such as “Leaves” (Seibundo-shinkosha). Tachibana currently resides in Tokyo.