Art Project

Loiduts Charity Shop -Help others with second-hand goods-

Ryo Yamazaki

The “charity shop” has its origin as a social contribution store in the UK. This is to raise funds by collecting unnecessary clothes from people and sell them in stores, to solve social issues. A charity shop will take place as an art project at CPK Gallery in Taito City with the aim to make it a part of the culture of the city. The collected money will be donated to “Maggie’s tokyo”, a foundation that supports cancer patients and their families. This project involves repeated interaction with those who join, and will build a structure for volunteers to participate and operate its system.

(As of March 2020)

1: “Loiduts Charity Shop” image of social experimentation, 2019, Bancho no Niwa (Tokyo)
2: “Loiduts Charity Shop” image of workshop, 2019 (Tokyo)
3: “Loiduts Charity Shop” children donating their proceeds from the charity shop to maggie’s tokyo, maggie’s tokyo


Ryo Yamazaki (Community Designer, Certified Social worker, Director of studio-L)

Founded Studio-L in 2005 and he has continuously encouraged and empowered the local communities to find local issues and create the innovative solutions for themselves through the design. His works varies from civic participation to design a comprehensive plan, social care system in the neighborhood, revitalization of city centre and so on.

Art Project