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Silently Inside

<Tokyo Biennale 2020 SOCIAL DIVE Artist-in-Residence Projects>

“Silently Inside” is a performance project which approaches the theme of “Kodokushi (a Japanese term referring to people dying alone)”. Through local research in Tokyo, the artist Rosiris Garrido intends to, at once, draw attention to lonely deaths not as numbers but as very personal stories, and set a light on initiatives and facts that are related to this phenomenon. In a performance to take place throughout the city, the artist will reflect on the body as a form of communication and on the city as a space of encounters, hanging her body in unconventional places in urban settings, close to places where “Kodokushi” has actually happened or initiatives that deal with them were founded. The intention is to bring to the outside and to the public eye, facts that take place inside closed spaces. For the documentation of the performance, Rosiris will work in cooperation with a local artist who will register the performance, leaving an exhibition displayed throughout the period of the Tokyo Biennale.

(As of March 2020)

1-3: “Inciting public disturbance” Photographic project carried out in partnership with the photographer Paula Faraco, 2018, Berlin (Germany), Courtesy of the artists

Art Project