Art Project

The Portrait of Aomi 3-chome Frontier

2.5 architects (Fumika Morito + Shingei Katsu)

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The interactive project by 2.5 architects concerns reclaimed land along the Tokyo waterfront. They will conduct fieldwork and develop collaborative installations using recyclable materials to explore “Aomi 3-chome frontier”, the latest landfill site in Tokyo that still remains nameless and uninhabited.* By embodying the essence of this site, the project aims to expose the issues each of us face in our daily lives.
*The boundary between Ota and Koto wards was finalized in September 2019, and residential areas were designated in June 2020.
This final landfill site, filled with garbage from the metropolis, was intended to be converted into a venue for the Olympics. Is it possible to find any genius loci in such a place that keeps changing every moment?
According to geologists, we are in an era where the current sea levels are miraculously stable. Although most cities were built on shores and reclaimed lands, we have no idea when the sea levels will shift. “Aomi 3-chome frontier” is fleeting from a global perspective, but at the same time is a land that has been developed and reclaimed over the years. It is a frontier of the metropolis as well as an area most likely to disappear in the sea.
(2.5 architects)

(As of March 2021)

1: “The Portrait of Aomi 3-chome Frontier”, Map of area around Aomi 3-chome, S=1:1000, 2020
2: “The Portrait of Aomi 3-chome Frontier” A grassy field of reclaimed land, 2019, Photo by Fumika Morito
3: “The Portrait of Aomi 3-chome Frontier” A collection place of steel scraps, 2019, Photo by Fumika Morito


2.5 architects (Fumika Morito + Shingei Katsu)

First-class registered architectual firm founded by female architects, Fumika Morito and Shingei Katsu. Taking the theme of 2D/3D and nature/decorative art, they are engaged in an expanding range of activities that include architecture, product design, and installation. To date, they have participated in numerous exhibitions including “Communication Beyond Words 2018” (ASJ Tokyo Cell, Tokyo, 2018), and “Ophelias” (Nakanojo Beinnale, Gunma, 2015). Architectural projects include House of Takamori in Totsukawa Village (2017), Ubara Beachouse (2017), and Ichinoseki Kunpu Noen (2018).


Fumika Morito
Architect, Artist, Photographer

Born in Tokyo in 1987, Fumika Morito is a first-class registered architect. She received an MA in Architecture from the School of Creative Science and Engineering at Waseda University in 2012. After working for Shigeru Ban Architects, she co-founded 2.5 architects in 2013. Exhibitions include “Kakegawa Sakei” (Kakegawa Chaennale, 2018), ADAN Architects of the Year Award (2017), “Chatsumi An” (Kakegawa Chaennale, 2017) and “Ophelia IV” (East West Art Award exhibition at Posk Gallery & La Galleria in London, 2017).

Shingei Katsu
Architect, Artist, Architectural Historian

Born in Suzhou, China in 1988, Shingei Katsu is a first-class registered architect. She received an MA in Architecture from the School of Creative Science and Engineering at Waseda University in 2012. While working for Sou Fujimoto Architects, she led various projects such as Bus stop:krumbach, Mirrored Gardens, Whale Museum, and the trophy design for Vogue Woman of the Year 2013. In 2014, she co-founded 2.5 architects. She is also conducting research into architecture in China and Europe as an architectural historian, and has published papers on hydraulic machinery in the 18th century. She was awarded First prize in the Waseda Architecture Grand-prix in 2012, and was a member for AIJ Special Research Committee on the Architectural Treatises and Theory (2017-18).

Art Project