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Tokyo Big BonDance Party

Camera Yamanaka

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Contemporary Ondo (genre of Japanese folk music) artist Yamanaka Camera will stay somewhere in Tokyo while cooperating with the many people living in the neighborhood to hold a year 2020 “contemporary” form of new ondo, or “contemporary ondo”, of Tokyo.

For the closing day of the Tokyo Biennale period, there will be a “Tokyo Big Bon Dance Party”, which anyone can participate in.

(As of March 2020)

1: “Fukuoka Art Museum Ondo” 2016, Fukuoka Art Museum (Fukuoka), Photo by Shintaro Yamanaka
2: “Kamiyama Sudachi Ondo”, 2009, Kamiyama Artist in Residence, 2009, Former Kamiyama Town Shimobun Elementary School (Tokushima), Photo by Hajime Aihara
3: “Beppu Saiteki Ondo” Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 “Konyoku onsen sekai ‘Mixed Bath World'”, 2009, Beppu Tower 3F (Oita), Photo by Gender Yoshinaga


Camera Yamanaka (Contemporary Ondo Composer)

Contemporary ondō composer.* Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1978. Having lived in various parts of Japan and overseas, he writes ondō songs from a contemporary perspective based on interactions with and impressions of the people of different towns. He has worked with local residents to write lyrics and compositions, arrange existing songs, hold performances, choreograph dances, create lanterns, and decorate venues, while he has also made efforts to hold an original Bon odori dance contest involving various people. An ondō song he wrote in Yokohama was performed at the APEC Forum (2010). After successfully raising sizeable support and resources through a 2019 crowdfunding bid, in 2020 he plans to publish a recently compiled book summarizing his activities titled “Yamanaka Camera Modern Obon Collection—Shall we BON-DANCE?”
*Ondō is a type of Japanese folk music.

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