Art Project

TONARI (Neighborhood) Project

Min Nishihara

Having gained extensive experience in curating and art management, Min Nishihara worked at a welfare office in Los Angeles as a social worker and mental health therapist. For the Tokyo Biennale, she will open the art studio “TONARI” made using perspectives of art therapy and social work as socially engaged art. The studio will be open during the event period as a free space for anyone seeking positive changes. The program will also provide facilitator training for those who are willing to develop and utilize their experience and creativity. The open studio will connect people through any form of expression and will be a place for people and communities.

(As of March 2020)

1: Yanaka house, 2019, Ueno Sakuragi Atari (Tokyo)
2: Workshop on multicultural environments, 2017, Los Angeles
3: Yanaka house, 2019, Ichida residence (Tokyo)


Min Nishihara (Artist + social worker + mental health therapist)

Nishihara went on to work in the United States after building her practice as a writer, critic, and curator in Tokyo during the 1990’s. While continuing to work in art management, she served as a social worker and mental health therapist at a welfare office in Los Angeles. Along with offering individualized therapy and art therapy, she organized art projects through social work in low-income housing, shelters for domestic violence, senior homes, and community centers. Currently, Nishihara is an associate professor at Tokyo Kasei University, Depertment of Art and Design, as well as a certified clinical psychotherapist in the state of California.

Art Project