Art Project

Yubido Restoration Project—Nikui Hodo Yasashi

After the war, the picture frame shop Yubido opened in the burnt-out ruins of Kanda with a sign depicting Mt. Fuji. Today, Kanda is undergoing a great wave of redevelopment. Individually owned stores are no longer viable in an area that has transformed into a town for corporations and economic growth. Artist Masato Nakamura will work with the public to renovate the closed and abandoned “Yubido”, developing and managing a project that will involve the planning and production of exhibitions. For the Tokyo Biennale, the “Yubido” building itself will be turned into a work of art and exhibited in its current state. The name of the project, “Nikui Hodo Yasashi” (“kind to the point of being detestable”), is derived from the wordplay used for the telephone phone number of “Yubido”.

Support: Window Research Institute, Chiyoda-ku Urban Development Support

(As of April 2021)

1: More than 30 voluntters joined the cleanup, 2020
2: More than 3,000 picture flames coming from Yubido, 2020
3: Yubido soon after the war’s end Picture provided: Yoshihito Misawa, 2020