Art Project

Moving Earth Moving Plants -roots project- Touch the earth, Play with the earth , Grow plants, The roots grows, and everything get together.

Shujiro Murayama

To plant the seeds for an ever-evolving communication tool that brings us closer to the earth and plants in the city, I will hold the 4 projects below at the same time. The first project, “Children x Earth x Vegetables x Tea Leaf Making”, will give out pots to schools and other communities. Lectures by soil scientists will be held, and we will make organic soil that does not use fertilizer, then grow vegetables and tea leaves. In the second project, “Sharing Environmental Studies x Art”, a project persentation space will be made to happen once a year. A soil fair will be held under the advisory of soil science/agriculture expert Prof. Ueru Tanaka, in which we select the best soil together. For the third project, “Touch = Roots = Food”, events will be held on the day of the soil fair, including concerts, performances, and workshops based on images of earth and plants, and we will eat vegetables that we grew together. Last, for the fourth project, “Earth x Plants – Plant Painting”, visitors will create “plant paintings”, a method of painting by using earth and plants that Murayama has gathered from across different regions. Having children also join, we will create one big painting and hold an exhibition in each community.

(As of March 2020)

1: “Mobile Street Garden Art in Kyojima Mukojima Azumabashi Asakusa” 2010, Sumida Ward Office/Higashi Mukojima Children’s Center, numerous outdoor locations (Tokyo)
2: Plant Painting workshop, 2017, Nagaki Elementary School (Akita)
3: “Heartbeat of Plant” 2012, former Tokyo Denki University (Tokyo)


Shujiro Murayama (Artist)

Murayama was born in Tokyo, and completed his Doctor in Mural Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts. Murayama creates artworks that focus on the primordial source of energy within plants, holds public/local activities and workshops, and is involved in various projects across Japan. He researches and studies local vegetation, holds “plant tour” projects that redefine plants as part of art, and has taken plant material (flowers/leaves/fruits) into his bare hands and directly smudged it onto paper and walls, known as the method of “plant painting” (a term invented by the artist), in order to create expressions that go beyond painting.

Art Project