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The Gift Project Tokyo 2021

Dafna Talmon

<Tokyo Biennale 2020 SOCIAL DIVE Artist-in-Residence Projects>

After years of wandering without a home in search of freedom, Talmon had to formulate a new mechanism that would allow her to be free.

This desire led her to thoughts about the burden of things and mateial posessions that defined herself and her life. These things are moved from house to house, even if they are not used. After many years in which she had no use for them, she realized she no longer needed them. She then created an installation of these things, presented as gifts wrapped in paper. Visitors were each invited to take a gift for themselves. Once an object is wrapped, it loses its original identity and becomes a gift, perhaps an exciting one.

During Tokyo Biennale, she would like to dive into Tokyo. Her work invites people to go through the process of letting go with her. She will meet people who are deciding to get rid of things they no longer need, who find it hard to do it by themselves. At the end of the meeting, she will have a box of things they said goodbye to. To one of the items, they will attach a farewell letter or greeting letter to the gift receiver – the new owner. This is a journey of release and circulation of giving. The packaging of the gifts will be inspired by Japanese traditional or modern wrapping paper.

Finally, an installation-performance of all the objects will be built. They will be offered as gifts in an exhibition, where one’s junk is an unknown present for another. Take a Gift.

Planning support: Kamoi Kakoshi Co,.Ltd.

(As of February 2021)

1: “Saying goodbye to my things, the Gift Project” 2018, Hayarkon 19 Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel), Photo by Dafna Talmon
2: “The Gift Project Tokyo 2021” Image sketch, Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021 (Tokyo)
3: “The Gift Project” 2019, Haifa Museum (Haifa, Israel), Photo by Adi Ofer


Dafna Talmon (Artist, Photographer, Geographer)

Born in 1972, Beer-Sheva, lsrael. Lives in Tel-Aviv, lsrael.
In my art I combine photography, installation, video, text and performance.
Hyperactively moving through space, I challenges forms and lifestyles. I examine relationships and separations, routines and rituals, escape, freedom, imprisonment and home.
I Graduate Postgraduate Fine Art Program, Hamidrasha. I hold a BA and MA in geography, specialising in Urban Planning, from Tel Aviv University and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Photo by Adi Krauss

Art Project